Bangla font setup

If you don't see bangla properly, you need to set Bengali fonts and Unicode in your computer and browser. follow this instruction:

A. Unicode setup:

1. Download IComplex 2.0.0 from
2. Install it (click Install Complex Script Button)

B. Bengali font setup:

1. Download SolaimanLipi font from website -
2. Install that font to your system (copy and paste to 'Control panel>Fonts')

C. Making fonts smooth and nice-looking:
FireFox browser

1. Tools - Options - Content - Default Font
2. go to advanced , select "bengali" in fonts for . AND select SolaimanLipi in serif, sans-serif & monospace
4. Default character encoding : select Unicode (UTF-8)
5. Go to desktop - Right Clik mouse and select properties
6. Select Appearance - Effects
7. Select "clear type" in use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts
8. Click apply and Ok
9. Now Restart Your PC

Internet Explorer:

1. from menu click on tools and select internet options
2. from this window click on fonts
3. click on the drop down list for language scripts
4. select bengali from this drop down list (you may have to scroll up to locate it)
5. select likhan for web page font. then click ok and ok again.


1. from menu click on tools and select preferences
2. click on advanced tab, fonts from left menu and click international fonts
3. choose writing system 'bengali' from drop-down list
4. select likhan for normal font. click ok until you exit from preferences