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08 November 2014, Saturday

পাঠক মন্তব্য

Md Hassan Rabby, sfecbd.com,  22 Oct,2016 02:10am

A great News! AUD 7500 Scholarship to the student of Nepal, India and China to Study Commercial Cookery & Hospitality Management programs in NT Australia by the NT Australian Government! Requirements: Age Min-18 Years, HSC- IELTS-5.5 (Academic)/O level with Academic excellence, AUD25000 at Sponsor's Account. For Students of other Countries AUD35000 at sponsor's Account as without scholarship, total cost AUD14500 (One year's tuition fee+Others) Study in Western Australia: Certificate III/IV/Diploma/Advanced diploma in Business, Management, Commercial Cookery & Healthcare courses. Requirements: HSC With IELTS-5/ O level, Bank Balance at sponsor's Account AUD30000, Total cost- AUD6500 (One year's Tuition fee+ Others) Interested students are most welcome to apply as soon as possible for January/ February 2017 intake! Apply now attaching scanned documents via sfecbd.com

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